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Tree King is the best LI tree service provider with a skilled team of arborists and advanced tools and machinery. We offer tree trimming in Long Island, NY, at low prices and offer professional pruning, tree removal, and stump removal services.

Why we’re the number one choice for tree trimming Long Island NY.

We are a Long Island tree services company with 30+ years of experience. We specialize in pruning, cutting, tree removal, stump removal, grinding, and tree elevating. We have a large list of positive reviews that vouch for the work we do. We are a reliable company with in-house tools and machinery, and we use the best practices to offer tree trimming, pruning, and removal.

With the help of our recurring maintenance plans and extensive knowledge, we protect our client’s trees from diseases and distress. Furthermore, we also offer tree trimming services, which improves the aesthetic appeal of your property.

We also offer pruning services to discard the weak and low hanging branches of trees close to your home, which can be a potential threat during heavy rains and storms. Whether you need tree removal or a quality tree trimming Long Island NY company, make sure you give us a call! We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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If you are looking for Long Island Tree Trimming NY services, look no further. Tree King is the company for you!

if your trees look damaged or diseased or you see certain branches chaffing against your property, have an arborist examine the situation to recommend the best course of action. Get in touch with Tree King today to schedule a tree trimming in Long Island, NY. We offer both one-time as well as recurring maintenance plans and take excellent care of trees in and near your property. We use the best practices and humane methods for tree removal in Long Island, and our staff offers a thorough clean up service after completing the job. For any questions and appointments, call us at (516) 226-2325.

tree trimming long island ny mid imageTree Trimming Long Island NY | Benefits of Pruning Trees

Pruning is the practice of trimming and eliminating dead or dying branches to improve the growth of trees. Pruning can help remove the dangerous branches that can otherwise chaff against your property or come down during heavy rains and storms. Pruning helps protect your property from moisture issues, leaks, growth of mold, moss, etc.

It also fosters the healthy growth of the tree by preventing further decay. All the more to hire the top tree trimming Long Island NY company like us, The Tree King.

Many times, we offer tree removal and trimming services to improve the appearance of a tree or property. With pruning, we remove the broad or weak branches and weak crotches to improve the sunlight exposure and air circulation to all parts of the tree and the underlying landscape. Sunlight to roots and bark is crucial for the healthy growth of a tree. In newly planted trees, pruning can help compensate for root loss and help the tree adapt a proper shape.

How often should I prune my trees? 

You must prune young trees once every 2.5 years, and mature trees once every four years. Several times, the size of the tree, its health, and the type, determines the frequency of pruning. We recommend late fall or early spring for pruning as trees are normally in their dormant stage in these seasons, and the temperature drop makes it an ideal setting for pruning.

If you are looking for a GREAT Tree Service Long Island company, make that call today!

Here is another great article on how often you should trim your tree branches. Just one of the many reasons to hire a company like Tree King!

Tree Trimming Long Island

Tree King is the #1 Long Island tree services company with the best team of arborists. We offer tree trimming in Long Island at affordable prices and offer special discounts for seniors.

Top reasons to choose us for tree-related services

We are a reliable company for tree removal in Long Island, and we have been serving the locals for over 30 years. We have the best team of arborists that excel at offering the best pruning, trimming, elevating, and tree removal services. As a family-owned business, we go the extra mile to ensure 100% safety to your family members and your property. We offer an annual maintenance plan for our customers, where we offer quarterly, half-yearly, and monthly tree maintenance services at discounted rates.

We are one of the few tree service providers in NY to offer 24/7 emergency storm damage and special discounts for our senior customers. While tree pruning and trimming can be messy, we completely clean up the area after the completion of our services.

Common problems caused by overgrown trees

It is important to maintain and care for the trees near your home to prevent them from posing a potential threat. Common problems caused by overgrown trees include:

  • Loose and weak branches in large-sized trees pose the risk of chaffing against your windows and roof, which can cause moisture to seep into your structure. This can lead to issues like wood rots, growth of mold and moss in your roof, etc.
  • Braches of trees overhanging directly above your home can shed dead leaves on to your roof, which can clog gutters and lead to water leaks in your attic and ceiling.
  • A weak branch can fall on people or cars during heavy storms and wind. It can also affect electricity & telephone lines to your house and cause downed electric lines, which can start fires and lead to casualties.

Besides, these branches can act as gateways for rodents to enter your home. Also, trees with large root systems can significantly compromise the foundation of your house with issues like cracks, foundation uplifts, etc.

What is the difference between pruning and trimming?

Trees require regular maintenance and care for their healthy growth and to avoid being a potential threat to your home structure. Pruning and trimming are the two most commonly used tree services by homeowners. Pruning is the practice of removing certain parts of a tree, such as its branches, buds, etc., to promote its growth and to protect it from diseases and damages.

On the other hand, tree trimming is the practice of cutting, shaping, and removing branches and leaves in a tree to attain a certain shape. It is performed purely for aesthetic reasons, and only a skilled professional can offer trimming services as it is a complex and intricate process.

Tree King is a top-rated company for tree trimming in long island. We are the best LI tree service provider for tree removal and trimming. We are one of the few Long Island tree services providers to offer recurring tree maintenance plans at low prices. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for tree services in Long Island, NY.

Tree Service Long Island NY

Tree King is the best LI tree service company with over 30 years of experience. We offer exceptional tree service in Long Island, NY, with a reputation for offering the best clean up services. We are an affordable Long Island, NY, tree service company with a team of skilled and passionate arborists.

Tips for selecting the best tree trimming service

Make sure to comparison-shop at least three different tree trimming service providers before you choose one. Here are some tips on how to find the right tree service provider:

  • Choose a service provider with the most number of positive reviews. Ask the company for at least three referrals from their recent jobs. Get to know from their past clients’ about the quality of their work and other details.
  • Make sure to work with a properly licensed tree service provider. Check if the company and its employees have proper insurances like a personal liability policy, a workers’ compensation policy, and a property damage liability.
  • Do not begin work until you and the company has signed a contract that has a clear mention of the start date, finish date, the scope of work, and the exact cost of services.

We are the #1 tree service provider in NY, to offer the best quality pruning and trimming at affordable prices. We do not ask for any deposits or payments until we complete the job.

Cost of tree services 

On average, the cost of trimming one tree can cost anywhere from $250 – $500. Trimming services for a tree under 50ft. can range between $80 and $175. Similarly, the cost of stump grinding can range anywhere between $150 and $250.

The price you pay for tree elevating can differ based on the number of tree branches that you wish to remove. On average, tree elevation can cost up to $200 for small trees and up to $1,000 for very large trees.

Tree Services we offer

We are a top-rated company for tree services in Long Island, NY. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Tree removal – With our tree removal service, we cut down the tree and remove the stump from the ground.
  • Tree elevating – We trim the lowest branches of a tree to get rid of any low-hanging branches and to give the tree clearance.
  • Tree pruning – With pruning, we remove certain sections of a tree to promote its healthy growth and reduce the size of the trees.
  • Land clearing – With land clearing, we remove any unwanted bushes, stumps, and rocks in an area.
  • Tree stump grinding – For stump grinding, we use a power tool that helps cut away the large tree stumps into discs of wood.

Speak to one of us at Tree King today for a free quotation. We are a top-rated tree service in Long Island, NY, offering special discounts for tree trimming and stump removal in Long Island exclusively for seniors. We are one of the few tree removal and trimming service providers in NY, to offer 24/7 emergency storm damage.

Tree Service Long Island

The best tree service in Long Island can be found at Tree King. Not only are we the best LI tree service company, but we are the most affordable service provider. Plus, our experience in the industry is a force to be reckoned with. At Tree King, we strive to provide a comprehensive menu of tree services, such as tree removal and tree pruning services. We can handle trees of all shapes and sizes because our technicians are equipped with the latest tree service equipment.

What makes our services stand out is that we can fully remove all types of trees, whether they are diseased or damaged. Our technicians don’t leave a huge mess behind after we remove a tree, either. Customers can expect their property to be left in prime condition with as little disturbance as possible. The main goal of our company is to provide the services that local residents need at a price they can actually afford.

Tree Services in Long Island, NY

Not only can our team at Tree King completely remove dead, damaged, or diseased trees from your property, but we can also prune your trees. Our service professionals use state of the art pruning equipment and tools to provide a clean cut to each and every branch. Unruly trees can look messy and out of place on a well kept property, which is where our Long Island, NY tree service comes in handy.

We can trim back your trees so that they have a crisp appearance that is easy on the eyes. Tree pruning is important to the longevity of your trees, and it is important to maintaining their health. If you want your trees to stay healthy and last against the test of time, you need to turn to us at the Tree King for the best possible services.

Tree Trimming and Stump Removal in Long Island

Having a diseased or dead tree removed from your property can help improve its overall appearance. However, leaving behind the stump of the removed tree can create an eyesore. Stumps left behind after trees have been removed can be the perfect place for termites, ants, and other insects to create a home.

It isn’t long before there is a huge nest of pests that are invading your landscape and even your home. At Tree King, we can make sure that no unsightly stump is left behind on your property. Our team uses specialized equipment to grind down stumps to the level of the ground, which is the best technique.

Reach Out Today for More Detailed Information

Anyone interested in a professional tree removal and trimming service can reach out to us at Tree King to learn more detailed information. We are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our team can guide you through our service menu to help you find what best suits your needs and budget. Contact us today at Tree King to learn how our team can cater directly to your needs, no matter what they may be.

Tree Removal Suffolk County

Trees are important assets that don’t only make the surrounding more appealing, but also provide shade as well as add privacy. However, owning trees on your property comes with the obligation of keeping them healthy and always in great shape. If there is a diseased or dying tree on your property, it is important that you have them removed instantly before the situation gets out of hand.

If you are looking for the best tree removal in Long Island, NY, we’d love to work with you. Tree King is an experienced family-owned and operated company that has been serving the Long Island community for over 30 years. Though we’d love you to consider us, we also think it is crucial to understand what to look for when searching for the tree removal Suffolk Country.


Apparently, the more experience a tree removal company has, the more likely it is that they will do a better job. However, that doesn’t essentially mean that a new tree removal company with little experience is a bad choice. With over 30 years of experience and strong knowledge of the industry, you get reliable, quality full-range of tree services in Long Island, especially when you consider the safe removal of trees.

At Tree King, we don’t stop at only large trees; we also remove lots of smaller trees if that is what you require when looking for tree removal Suffolk County NY. We execute the job to your satisfaction, and after every job, we ensure a thorough cleanup.


If the tree removal company you hire to do your job doesn’t have the right insurance, then in the event of damage done to your home, they may not be able to cover the costs. At Tree King, our team of experts treats each project with the best care, but in the case of any damage, we have liability insurance to cover the cost. Besides, we also have the comp insurance, so if anyone of our team of professionals is injured while working on our property, you will not be held responsible.


An experienced tree removal company such as Tree King should have the latest climber and safety equipment and gear, including helmet, proper saddle, climbing robes, and boots. At Tree King, we don’t use a ladder, and we always use rigging and safety gear made specifically for tree work. Specially designed equipment and gear keep our workers and your property safe while making our job run smoothly.


There are a couple of factors involved in the pricing of tree removal and trimming service. At Tree King, we will give you a thorough breakdown of exactly what we are charging you for. While we are committed to offering high-quality tree service Suffolk County, we are also committed to being the industry leaders when it comes to pricing options. Besides, we also offer special senior discounts, which is one of the many benefits of working with us.

Contact Tree King

Tree King care for your trees at the highest level. We guarantee the best tree service while offering affordable prices for our services. Contact us to get a free quote today!

Tree Removal Nassau County

Tree King is the best LI tree service company with affordable maintenance plans and low prices. We are a renowned company for tree removal in Nassau County with highly skilled arborists and offer 24/7 emergency storm damage services.

What makes us the #1 company for Tree services in Nassau County, NY?

We are an experienced tree services company with a team of skilled arborists that specialize in tree pruning, trimming, removal, and emergency tree storm services. We also offer special discounts for senior patients and have the best recurring maintenance plans.

Besides, we pride ourselves on our fastest turn-around time and our clean-up services. We ensure the health of your trees and the safety of your property with exceptional tree services. We have earned ourselves an impeccable reputation for being the best tree service in Long Island.

Top reasons to hire a professional for tree-related services

Tree services like pruning, trimming, elevating, and cutting can be potentially dangerous unless you have the right machinery, tools, and experience. Here are the top reasons why you should hire a professional:

  • Tree maintenance requires skill and extensive knowledge of various species. Only an arborist can examine the tree health and recommend an appropriate course of action for its healthy growth.
  • Services like trimming and stump removal require the use of heavy tools and machinery. Handling these tools requires an extraordinary level of care and precaution, as one wrong move can cause severe injuries.
  • An arborist may use the best grooming techniques and cut your trees in an aesthetically appealing way to add more beauty to your property.

Grooming trees can be a costly affair if you plan on renting or buying the tools for the job. Ultimately, you may end up spending more than what you would otherwise pay for an arborist.

When should I consider tree services?

While trees provide your home with shade and aesthetic appeal, it is important to care for them from time to time to foster their healthy growth. Here are some signs that warn the need for tree service:

  • Yellow or brown leaves – If you notice yellow or brown leaves in your tree in the summer, winter, or spring, it may be due to the rotting of the root, and it requires immediate action.
  • Peeling bark and leaking fluid – If the tree bark is peeling away, it could mean that your tree is diseased. Similarly, if you spot your tree leaking a strange dark-colored fluid that has an unpleasant odor to it, it is a serious red flag. You need an arborist to inspect the situation and recommend an appropriate course of action.
  • Safety of the property – Tree branches hanging above your home can pass moisture on to your roof and cause bigger problems to your structure. It is also important to cut the weak and low hanging branches to avoid damages to your property.

Call Tree King today to schedule tree removal in Nassau County. We charge the lowest tree removal cost in the city and offer the best clean up services after completing the job. With over 30 years of knowledge, experience, and a team of professional arborists, we are the #1 Nassau County tree service providers.

Tree Removal Long Island NY

Tree Removal Long Island NY – Call Tree King Today

At Tree King, we are a professional tree removal team with high-end in-house tools and machinery. We are the Best LI tree service company with the fastest turn-around time and emergency tree removal services. We offer tree removal in Long Island, NY, at affordable prices with a reliable and highly skilled team of arborists.

Tree Removal Long Island NY services

On average, the cost of tree removal can range anywhere between $500 and $1000. On the other hand, the average cost to remove a fallen or dead tree can cost anywhere from $150 to $500.

For emergency tree removal services, you may have to pay a slightly higher price than the usual rates. Fortunately, most insurance companies offer coverage for damages to your property caused by a fallen tree. Make sure to consult with your insurer to know if your policy covers tree removal services.

Top reasons to choose us for tree removal

We offer the best tree services in Long Island, NY, and specialize in pruning, trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and elevating jobs. We have our own set of high-tech machinery and in-house tools to offer unparalleled tree services.

We are one of the few companies for tree removal in Long Island to offer 24/7 emergency damage control services and affordable recurring maintenance plans. We follow the humane and eco-friendly techniques for tree removal and stump grinding. We have served the local communities for several years with exceptional service, and our online reviews can vouch for the outstanding quality of our work.

Signs that warn the removal of a tree

Trees offer numerous benefits to the planet when they are in a healthy shape and good condition. Despite determined efforts, trees can sometimes fall sick or pose a safety threat, that you may have to remove them. Some of the signs that warn a tree removal include:

  • Dead trees – Trees will die over time. Leaving a dead tree unremoved can cause it to come down and lead to the colossal damage to people, properties, automobiles, powerlines, etc.
  • Diseased and damaged trees – Diseases are common and can often spread from one tree to another. Similarly, some trees can suffer mortal injuries from lightening, automobile collisions, etc. In such cases, you must remove the tree at the earliest to protect people, properties, animals, and other trees in the area.
  • Encroaching trees – Roots of big size trees can interfere with your foundation and affect the integrity of your building structure. The tree can cause disturbance to the power lines and other utility lines, which can easily start a fire.

In such cases, make sure to have arborists examine the situation and recommend an appropriate course of action. Get in touch with one of us at Tree King to schedule tree removal in Long Island, NY. We are a reliable company for tree removal and maintenance, and we offer special discounts for seniors. We are the only Long Island tree services company with a reputation for offering excellent clean up after tree pruning and removal.

Tree Removal Long Island

Tree Removal Long Island – No job is too small or big

If you are lookin for a Tree Removal Long Island Company, give Tree King a call. Trees are a beautiful and valuable addition to the landscape of any property. However, they can also grow to be huge and sometimes get in the way. For instance, tree branches can grow into the chimneys, power line, fence posts, and trees like vines can cover your windows. Sometimes, a tree can grow in a warped manner, creating overhangs that get into your walking path.

Whatever the situation may be, a time will come when you will need to have your trees trimmed. On some occasions, you may even need to remove your tree altogether or replant it.

Reasons to Hire Pro Tree Removal Long Island Experts

If you are a homeowner in Long Island and have trees on your property that should be removed or trimmed, then it’s best to hire a professional tree removal company. The most apparent reason why it is important to hire an expert is safety. The best LI tree service company knows that safety comes first. Several homeowners look at their trees and think they can trim or cut it. And most times fail to take into account the direction the tree is going to fall or what they are going to do once they get up and notice the branches are rotted, and they can easily fall.

Professional tree removal does not only prevent damage to your home, but it also saves you money & time, offers overall cleanliness, fewer limitations, guarantees your safety, and a lot more. A professional company that specializes in tree removal Long Island like Tree King will take the time to explain how they are going to approach the project.

Why is Tree Maintenance and Trimming Important?

Maintaining the growth of your trees can significantly benefit them, not only by preventing accidents or keeping your tree branches in check, but also to keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy. Since your yard is important to you, it is essential that you get your trees matching its surroundings. Pruning is one of the most important areas of tree maintenance. It is crucial to know how to trim your trees properly and when to do so.

At Tree King, our experts are well-trained in several methods of pruning for a different variety of trees. We understand that every tree has its own requirements and necessities to be aware of. For instance, some type of trees requires a particular amount of room to grow; others don’t. Our experts thoroughly understand tree removal and maintenance, and they can always make sure your trees are in good shape and look and feel healthy.

Why Choose Tree King?

Because we care about our customers, at Tree King, we are not looking to just trim some branches or cut down trees. It is not just our goal to be one of the best tree services in Long Island, NY; we are also dedicated to being the best customer service company in the Long Island tree services industry. Tree removal in Long Island is just the way we achieve that.

It means our experts always appear professional-dressed, appear at your home on time, offer affordable prices. If you are looking for a professional tree trimming and tree removal Long Island, you have come to the right place. Contact us today for a quote!

Long Island Tree Service

Long Island Tree Service – Tree King are the experts you need!

Looking for Long Island Tree Service, look no further! Tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree elevating, and other tree work is never the type of project that you should ever rush into. Even though you may be a homeowner that likes a good do-it-yourself project, these are tasks best left to the professionals. Regardless of the type of tree services in Long Island NY that you are interested in having done, hiring a dependable and reputable Long Island tree service company is the only way to go.

These are the top reasons why you should make sure that you go with the best LI tree service company in your area:


Tree removal and trimming service, along with all other major tree work, can be very dangerous. Not only are there the challenges of making sure that the project at-hand is approached carefully, but you also need to think of outside dangers such as decaying wood, power lines nearby, making sure that the right equipment is used, and so on. A professional Long Island tree service team has the experience, techniques, and technology to ensure everything is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Knowledge and Experience 

An unexperienced homeowner trying to tackle tree pruning, land clearing, or tree lifting can lead to hazards like personal safety, damage to your property, or even your neighbor’s property. Tree services in Long Island NY have the skill and experience to make sure that everything is taken care of while also protecting your property and all of the land around the work area.


Trying to complete a tough job like tree trimming and stump removal in Long Island on your own can lead to inefficiency. When you hire a professional team to take on your tree care needs, you can feel confident that all of the right tools and techniques are done to ensure the job is finished up in a timely manner.

Fewer Limitations 

The professional tree services in your area can take on a much broader scope of projects, while also reaching higher heights. When you call us at Tree King, we have professional tree climbers and tree crane technology so that we can easily handle any of the larger tree work needs that you may have. To top it off, everything is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Do you need a Long Island tree service to remove damaged trees on your property after a storm? Are there older trees on your land that are hindering your view or you want to clear the land for a new construction? There is no job that is too big or too small for us to handle at Tree Kings.

From tree health to regular tree care and trimming, we are the experts that you want on your property when it comes time for any tree service. Give us a call today at Tree Kings and we will be happy to talk with you about the project that you are planning on your property. We are the best tree trimming and removal service in the long island area and we are available for 24/7 storm damage as well as a wide range of other tree services. Ask us about a free consultation so that you can get your tree care project underway!

Long Island Tree Removal

Long Island Tree Removal

Are you looking for Long island tree removal services? Once in a while, you might need to get rid of the trees in your compound. This can be for several reasons, for instance, if they’re diseased or hosting insects. Whatever the reason, it’s important to enlist the help of experts for tree removal in Long Island to avoid accidents.

Tree King offers top Long Island tree removal services to residents and has been doing so for the last 30 years. As a family-owned and operated company, we take time with each case to ensure that we provide our customers with the best service.

Our Tree Removal Services

If you have a standing or fallen tree that you wish to remove from your property, Tree King can handle it for you. We have the equipment needed to perform this task. This means that we’re able to provide timely and efficient tree removal in Long Island.

As experts in this field, we use techniques that don’t cause any disturbance to your property, structures or inflict injuries on anyone. You can access some of the best Long Island tree services from our team as we take care of both small and big tree problems.

When Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

If the tree in your compound has any of these issues, then it’s a good time to give us a call:

  • Hollow Trunks

Most trees with hollow trunks can continue growing for many years. However, they pose a safety risk as they’re weak and can easily break. Removing such a tree, especially if it’s tall and big, can save you from future worries in case the trunk breaks and falls on your property.

  • Invasive

Some trees shed too many flowers, leaves, and debris. Others drop a lot of seeds, causing numerous shoots to sprout around the compound. Such trees are better off removed as they make it impossible to maintain a clean yard. In addition, they can affect the growth of other vegetation, including flowers and smaller trees.

  • Shallow or Damaged Roots

Shallow roots can interfere with the foundation of your house, pavements, or the driveway. Damaged roots may cause a tree to lean on one side and increase its possibility of falling.

Tree King also provides emergency tree removal and maintenance services in Long Island, especially when there are rains or strong winds that may cause trees to fall. It’s advisable to get a fallen tree removed as soon as possible because if left alone, it can become a breeding place for insects and other small animals.

Tree Removal Costs

How much it will cost you to get tree removal services will depend on several factors:

  • The number of trees being removed
  • The size and type of tree. For instance, removing an oak tree will be more expensive compared to a small tree like a silver birch

Affordable Tree Removal Services

At Tree King, our variety of price options makes us the best LI tree service company. Call us today on (516) 226-2325 for a free quotation for Long Island tree removal.