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Looking for Long Island Tree Service, look no further! Tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree elevating, and other tree work is never the type of project that you should ever rush into. Even though you may be a homeowner that likes a good do-it-yourself project, these are tasks best left to the professionals. Regardless of the type of tree services in Long Island NY that you are interested in having done, hiring a dependable and reputable Long Island tree service company is the only way to go.

These are the top reasons why you should make sure that you go with the best LI tree service company in your area:


Tree removal and trimming service, along with all other major tree work, can be very dangerous. Not only are there the challenges of making sure that the project at-hand is approached carefully, but you also need to think of outside dangers such as decaying wood, power lines nearby, making sure that the right equipment is used, and so on. A professional Long Island tree service team has the experience, techniques, and technology to ensure everything is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Knowledge and Experience 

An unexperienced homeowner trying to tackle tree pruning, land clearing, or tree lifting can lead to hazards like personal safety, damage to your property, or even your neighbor’s property. Tree services in Long Island NY have the skill and experience to make sure that everything is taken care of while also protecting your property and all of the land around the work area.


Trying to complete a tough job like tree trimming and stump removal in Long Island on your own can lead to inefficiency. When you hire a professional team to take on your tree care needs, you can feel confident that all of the right tools and techniques are done to ensure the job is finished up in a timely manner.

Fewer Limitations 

The professional tree services in your area can take on a much broader scope of projects, while also reaching higher heights. When you call us at Tree King, we have professional tree climbers and tree crane technology so that we can easily handle any of the larger tree work needs that you may have. To top it off, everything is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Do you need a Long Island tree service to remove damaged trees on your property after a storm? Are there older trees on your land that are hindering your view or you want to clear the land for a new construction? There is no job that is too big or too small for us to handle at Tree Kings.

From tree health to regular tree care and trimming, we are the experts that you want on your property when it comes time for any tree service. Give us a call today at Tree Kings and we will be happy to talk with you about the project that you are planning on your property. We are the best tree trimming and removal service in the long island area and we are available for 24/7 storm damage as well as a wide range of other tree services. Ask us about a free consultation so that you can get your tree care project underway!

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