Tree King is the #1 Long Island tree services company with the best team of arborists. We offer tree trimming in Long Island at affordable prices and offer special discounts for seniors.

Top reasons to choose us for tree-related services

We are a reliable company for tree removal in Long Island, and we have been serving the locals for over 30 years. We have the best team of arborists that excel at offering the best pruning, trimming, elevating, and tree removal services. As a family-owned business, we go the extra mile to ensure 100% safety to your family members and your property. We offer an annual maintenance plan for our customers, where we offer quarterly, half-yearly, and monthly tree maintenance services at discounted rates.

We are one of the few tree service providers in NY to offer 24/7 emergency storm damage and special discounts for our senior customers. While tree pruning and trimming can be messy, we completely clean up the area after the completion of our services.

Common problems caused by overgrown trees

It is important to maintain and care for the trees near your home to prevent them from posing a potential threat. Common problems caused by overgrown trees include:

  • Loose and weak branches in large-sized trees pose the risk of chaffing against your windows and roof, which can cause moisture to seep into your structure. This can lead to issues like wood rots, growth of mold and moss in your roof, etc.
  • Braches of trees overhanging directly above your home can shed dead leaves on to your roof, which can clog gutters and lead to water leaks in your attic and ceiling.
  • A weak branch can fall on people or cars during heavy storms and wind. It can also affect electricity & telephone lines to your house and cause downed electric lines, which can start fires and lead to casualties.

Besides, these branches can act as gateways for rodents to enter your home. Also, trees with large root systems can significantly compromise the foundation of your house with issues like cracks, foundation uplifts, etc.

What is the difference between pruning and trimming?

Trees require regular maintenance and care for their healthy growth and to avoid being a potential threat to your home structure. Pruning and trimming are the two most commonly used tree services by homeowners. Pruning is the practice of removing certain parts of a tree, such as its branches, buds, etc., to promote its growth and to protect it from diseases and damages.

On the other hand, tree trimming is the practice of cutting, shaping, and removing branches and leaves in a tree to attain a certain shape. It is performed purely for aesthetic reasons, and only a skilled professional can offer trimming services as it is a complex and intricate process.

Tree King is a top-rated company for tree trimming in long island. We are the best LI tree service provider for tree removal and trimming. We are one of the few Long Island tree services providers to offer recurring tree maintenance plans at low prices. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for tree services in Long Island, NY.

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